It’s all about the music

Life is about experiences, and I like making music based on those experiences.

Playing til your fingers hurt

When I first started making music I thought that since everything could be done in a computer it would be easy. But, sad to say that you get sucked into watching YouTube tutorials and new plugin VST videos. I ended up trading music making time with trying to get my hands on the latest plugin VST that was going to “help me make better music”. That is one of the reasons I have started making music with Analogue machines and outboard gear, so I don’t waste time on things that don’t really matter when you are Producing music.

I decided to dedicate my time in the studio to make music and experiment with limited amount of gear and plugins. My current set up for synths is a mix of Arturia Plugins mixed with Elektron and Moog Synths.

It has been liberating, no more looking at hours of YouTube videos about new plugins that I ended up never using.

Using outboard hear has made my sounds to happen in a more organic way.

If you are starting in music production I would suggest sticking to the stock plugins of your DAW first. Get a good Midi Controller to map plugins so you are not making everything on the computer, and experiment.

Here are the Music Production different layers:

  1. The Creative Process or Writing Process: is where you experiment with different sounds that will make your track. (this part is all you)
  2. Construction of a Track: is where you take the sounds that you create them and you build the layout of the track. (This part is all you)
  3. Mixing and Balancing sounds aka Mixdown: Is the first step of the post production process. Where you make all the sounds speak to each-other so they can help tell the story of the track you are building. (You can pay someone to do this for you and learn as you make more music)
  4. Mastering:  is the final Step of the Post Production Process. Where sounds get polished and they music sounds good in different files and platforms. (You can pay someone to do this for you).

Do you need to know Step 3 and 4 right of the bat?? The Answer is NO! Focus on Step 1 and 2.



Form my music follow the link here:

My Music comes from life experiences and the experimentation that happens when you are in different situations in life.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

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