Modular synth basics –
How to build a modular synthesizer for beginners

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In this video I go over the Modular Synth Basics, and will tell you what you need to build a modular synthesizer for beginners. If you are new in this channel please consider SUSCRIBING.
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Here is a list of the Modules Described in the video:

Make Noise Skiff Eurorack Case with Power Supply :
3U x 104HP Eurorack Case with Built-in 5V Power Rail and Hardware Included

Mutable Instruments Yarns:
Comprehensive MIDI interface for Eurorack
Provides 4 channels of CV/Gate
Additional features such as arpeggiator, euclidean sequencer, and a step sequencer based on the Roland SH-10.
12HP width

WMD-SSF Spectrum VCO :
SPECTRUM is a precision, saw-core VCO with eight possible waveforms (six simultaneous outputs),
Eight octave switch
LFO mode and
FM mode select with attenuation.
10HP width

Intellijel uVCA II Dual VCA Eurorack Module:
dual log/lin VCA
This is the version II of the original µVCA.
Response curve is continuously adjustable from linear to exponential
Gain trimmer with above-unity gain
Dedicated CV attenuators
LEDs for monitoring CV signal
This module was adapted from a design by David G. Dixon
6HP width

Doepfer A-120 VCF1 24dB Low Pass Filter:
Module A-122 is a voltage-controlled low-pass filter
Filters out the higher parts of the sound spectrum
Lets lower frequencies pass through.
Moog Style Trasistor Ladder Filter
-24dB/Octave filter cutoff slope 
Classic and legendary sound
Resonance is adjustable up to self-oscillation which causes the filter to behave like a sine wave oscillator
8HP width

Other Accessories:
Patch Cables:

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Modular synth basics –
How to build a modular synthesizer for beginners